D4.2.2 Algorithms for the RUL estimation of the motor and the control

Executive Summary

This document describes the final version of the algorithms for the estimation of the Remaining Useful Life (RUL) of the critical components of a Fully Electrical Vehicle (FEV).

The deliverable contains:

  an illustration of the PHMS interface in terms of input signals (physical characteristics which are measured) and output (type of information which is provided by the PHMS, e.g. assessment of the degradation state, identification of the dominant degradation mechanisms and/or prediction of the RUL) for the monitored critical components;

  a description and justification of the modelling approach embraced by the PHMS;

  a discussion of the detection, diagnosis and prognosis results obtained in the application of the developed models to the available data;

  the final version of the developed algorithms and the computational requirements.

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Project acronym:

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 Electrical powertrain Health Monitoring for Increased Safety of FEVs

Project reference:

Start date: 01/06/2012
End date: 28/02/2015

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