D6.2 RAMS model of the FEV

Executive Summary

The purpose of the present deliverable is a discussion of the RAMS (Reliability, Availability, Maintainability and Safety) Model of the FEV which has been developed to verify the performance of the monitoring system.

This model of the FEV is a method to assess the reliability and availability of a FEV considering the characteristics of the functional elements (in terms of reliability) of the architecture and their relationships. Based on the FEV and powertrain architecture definition, the RAMS model has been organised mostly in those systems or subsystems which contribute to the identified hazards in previous work packages of the HEMIS project; bearing in mind the definition of the monitoring system. The method proposed for the assessment is based on Monte Carlo simulation.

The deliverable contains.

         a description about the system reliability analysis;

         a description of the Monte Carlo Method used to develop the RAMS model;

         a description of the model of the FEV without an with the PHMS;

         a discussion about the enhancement of the FEV with the embedded PHMS versus the FEV without the PHMS.



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Project acronym:

Project name:
 Electrical powertrain Health Monitoring for Increased Safety of FEVs

Project reference:

Start date: 01/06/2012
End date: 28/02/2015

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