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C.A Marshman, R. Armstrong, L. Dawson, A. Rowell, A.R. Ruddle. Electromagnetic compatibility and electromagnetic field issues for FEVs. HEVC 2014 5th Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Conference, 5th-6th November, Hatfields, London.


The rapid development of Fully Electric Vehicles and their commercial availability presents the Automotive industry with some new challenges. Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) has been well understood by the industry, but the deployment of high power inverter drives as part of the powertrain is currently not covered by Automotive EMC Standards. Of particular concern are high levels of low frequency magnetic fields. There is also a concern (for example to the European Commission) that occupants of FEVs will be exposed to high electromagnetic fields, and a standard is currently being developed for in-vehicle EMF measurements.

As part of the European FP7 HEMIS project, these issues have been addressed and the results presented in this paper:

  1. A review of Automotive EMC standards has been carried out with respect to FEVs, the gaps identified and additional measurements proposed.

  2. LF Emissions have been characterised for a number of drive types.
  3. EMC design guidelines for powertrain installations have been produced.

In vehicle EMFs have also been modelled and measured. These have been compared to the ICNIRP guidelines and interpreted for seated occupants. These results are presented in a separate paper.

This paper concludes that: additional requirements are required for radiated emission testing of FEVs; LF emissions can be high enough to be considered in the design of the vehicle and installation of the drive train, and provides some guidance on installation of in-vehicle high power electronics to mitigate EMC/EMF effects.


Link to the Conference: http://conferences.theiet.org/hevc/about/index.cfm

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 Electrical powertrain Health Monitoring for Increased Safety of FEVs

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Start date: 01/06/2012
End date: 30/11/2014

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