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A.R. Ruddle, L. Low, R. Armstrong, L. Dawson, A. Rowell. Recommendations for mitigating low frequency magnetic field exposure in Hybrid/Electric vehicles. ICCVE 2014 - The 3rd International Conference on Connected Vehicles and Expo, 3rd-7th November, Vienna, Austria.


The need to assess the possible exposure of vehicle occupants to low frequency magnetic fields is an emerging vehicle design requirement that is of particular significance for hybrid and electric vehicles. This paper outlines the nature of the potential threats, methods of evaluation, and practical mitigation measures that could be adopted to limit the exposure.


Link to the Conference: http://www.iccve.org/






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 Electrical powertrain Health Monitoring for Increased Safety of FEVs

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Start date: 01/06/2012
End date: 30/11/2014

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